10 Apps like Uber you should take for a ride when travelling

It’s obvious when travelling that you’ll need a way to get around, but it’s not always obvious which options are available in the country you’re travelling to, so what are apps that work like Uber?

Alternative Transport Options

After you step off the plane, the first thing you’ll need (after a good coffee) is transport to your accommodation. Sure, there’s taxis, perhaps even public transport, but sometimes (especially in less developed countries), it’s more expensive or unreliable.

Your next thought is typically Uber, a well-known ride-sharing app that is incredibly handy and reliable. But what about the countries where Uber isn’t available? Luckily First Eastern FX has you sorted, we have compiled a list of Uber alternatives to help guide you through your transporting woes.


This service connects users to more than 70 licensed minicab fleets in London. With a range of vehicle options to choose from, along with the option to pay via credit card or cash directly to the driver, this service is ideal.

Available in London


Gett connects riders with black cabs, with the average wait time being a mere 5 minutes. Much like Kabbee, Gett gives you the option of paying through the app via credit card or directly to the driver with cash.

Available in more than 100 cities in Europe and the United States.


Simply enter your pickup and drop off location, and away you go. Much like Uber pool, it also pairs you with riders with overlapping routes and lowers the overall cost of the journey.

Available in United States and Canada


Connecting riders with more than 13,000 New York yellow and green taxis. Similar to Uber, you can request rides based on your location and pay through the apps stored payment method. It is also possible to book 24 hours in advance, and share a cab with a rider on a similar route for a discounted price.

Available in 65 cities around the United States. tes and Canada


Another ride-sharing app delivering you quality service for a cheaper rate. Enter your pickup and drop off location, confirm your booking and wait mere minutes for your ride.

Available in India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom


Mainly a licensed taxi app, but also offers GrabCar and GrabBike- a motorcycle version of the service which is handy weaving through heavy traffic in Asian countries.

Available in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Connecting riders with taxi drivers using Paypal inside the app to process payments, this app is yet another suitable Uber alternative.

Available in Rio and Brazil, expanding to Europe.


With the ability to book in advance, as well as all the traditional features of a ride-sharing service, this app is both practical and economical. It even includes the ability to earn air miles!

Available in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Didi Chuxing

Dubbed the ‘Uber of China’, this app provides transportation services including taxi hailing, ride-sharing, private car hailing, and bike sharing. With over 31 million drivers and 550 million users globally, this app is a reputable option to say the least.

Available in Mainland China, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chile.


Formerly known as Taxify, this app is another hailing service, allowing you to request a taxi, private driver, electric scooter and even food delivery.

Available in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Australia.

Now that you have your Uber alternatives sorted, you can relax and purely focus on the amazing places you’ll be travelling to. If you prefer to pay your drivers with cash, don’t forget to exchange travel cash before you go! First Eastern FX not only provides you travel tips, but also bank-beating exchange rates and no fees.

— First Eastern FX, your foreign exchange experts

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