Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why should I exchange foreign currency with First Eastern FX?
2 What are the limits (minimum and maximum) for an online currency exchange order?
3 Can I purchase a currency that is not listed on your website?
4 Do you accept different payments for currency exchange orders?
5 Can I use someone else's card or bank account to complete the purchase?
6 What happens after I complete payment for my online order?
7 What are the fees for making an online order?
8 Can I change/cancel my order?
9 Can I sell my foreign currencies to First Eastern FX?
10 Can I exchange my foreign currency for another foreign currency (e.g GBP for USD)?
11 How soon can I pick up my order after it is submitted successfully?
12 Can I change my collection date after submitting my order?
13 What if I miss the collection date?
14 What if I want to cancel my order?
15 Will my personal details be shared with any third party?
16 What if I change my personal details?
17 Can someone else come to pick up the order on my behalf?
18 Can I place an order under a business/organisation name?
19 Are there any other things that I should be aware of before making an order?
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