Best Exchange Rates in Sydney

At First Eastern FX we specialise in delivering the best currency exchange in Sydney. We pride ourselves in putting your travel needs at the forefront, offering bank beating exchange rates, with the option of delivery to your door! Convenience at its finest.

Beat the Bank with the Best Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Sydney

We understand that your time is precious, that travel planning is stressful enough as it is. That’s why we deliver the best currency exchange near and far, from the bustling Sydney CBD to the sunny shores of Brisbane. You can find our substantial savings in convenient locations Australia-wide. Better yet, you can have them delivered right to your door!

Your savings are our priority, with the best exchange rates in Sydney to rival those of the big banks. Why have unnecessary bank fees strip you of that extra travel cash? Those dollars are specifically reserved for making memorable moments in our opinion!

Exchanging with us is comically simple, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Order Online. Select the desirable currency and amount. Enter your delivery address.
  2. Get your money delivered fast. Simply wait for your foreign currency to be delivered right to your door.
  3. Enjoy Peace of Mind. Sit back and enjoy your flight, with making memories being the only thing on your mind.

With our hassle-free foreign exchange experience, you’ll have more time to ponder over which gelato flavour you’ll be indulging in and less time stressing over who is the best foreign exchange in Sydney. We’ll let you in on a little secret - it’s us.

Not to mention, there are a multitude of countries you may be travelling to that are heavily cash-dependent. So, avoid missing out on experiences simply because credit cards are not accepted, by having travel cash at the ready. Don’t forget those ludicrous transaction fees you’ll gleefully skip on past, as well as the painfully bad airport foreign exchange rates.

Not only do we provide the best exchange rates in Sydney, the Travel Hub on our website provides an abundance of supplementary travel money information- from travel guides in countries where cash is king, to general travel money hacks.

Travel Guides

Tips on how to save and prepare for travelling to cash-dependent countries. Never miss out on that extra Nutella croissant with our helpful tips, not to mention the best foreign exchange rates in Sydney. We have you covered.

Competive Rates

Foreign exchange rates updated to the minute, you can stay ahead of market trends and make the most of your spending money. Say no to credit card fees and bad exchange rates, simply order online with First Eastern FX to save on rates and fees. With bank beating rates, we’re the best currency exchange in Sydney. Meaning you’ll have more money to spend, coupled with an overwhelming peace of mind. Priceless.

Travel Money Hacks

Make those Australian dollars stretch as far as your smile will be when you receive that extra cash for cannoli. Our travel hacks not only ensure you’ll receive the best exchange rates, but also provide you with invaluable travel knowledge.

Delivery or Pick-Up

Whether you’re travelling in luxury or on a budget, travel cash is essential. We know you’re busy planning your travel, that’s why we offer bank beating rates delivered right to your door- the best foreign exchange in Sydney. For those who enjoy an in-store experience, feel free to visit our conveniently located stores. Simply order online first.

— First Eastern FX, your foreign exchange experts

Best-rate travel cash, delivered fast.

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